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The Lodge comes under the United Grand Lodge of England which was the first Masonic Grand Lodge to be formed anywhere in the world.  It now has over 300,000 members world-wide.  To be a member of the Old Lancing Lodge you must either have been a pupil at Lancing, or have a close association with the school.  At the moment the Lodge is rather short of members and the number of meetings have been reduced to three a year.  We meet in London at Freemasons' Hall, as it is the least inconvenient place for our members, who come from all over the country.  Any OL who is already a Freemason would be made very welcome and a considerable amount of information can be given to non-Masons who are interested.

Despite its reputation to the contrary, Masonry is very open and it is only the modes of recognition that we swear to keep secret, although we prefer to keep details of our ceremonies private.  Masons do not have to keep their membership secret and they are encouraged to let others know that they are Freemasons, however whom they tell is up to them.

The Lodge has a Benevolent Fund which is a registered charity and every year we make donations to various organisations, as well as to individuals.  We regularly give to the Reading Prizes at Lancing and to Malosa School in Malawi.  This year we have also given to Asthma Research, the RNLI, Greater London for the Blind and the Gwynne Library at the school.  Having been left money in the Will of one of our members  (Nigel Hardy, Heads House, 1935 - 39) we have created a fund, the income from which will be used to make small grants or bursaries to pupils at Lancing, or to those who have recently left in the furtherance of their academic studies.  These grants are available to men and women. 

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